Getting Started with Women’s MMA Fitness Bootcamp at Long Island MMA Training Center, What to Expect?

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First, we would like to thank you for checking out Long Island MMA and Fitness Center
and taking an interest in our Women’s Only MMA Fitness Bootcamp program. If you
live in the Long Island area and want to begin Woman’s Boot camp your first step after
checking out some of these informative articles is to visit,
or call 631-592-8339 to contact Long Island MMA and Fitness Center and speak with
one of our Bootcamp and Fitness Consultants. We will be happy to schedule a time for
you to come down and discuss what our woman’s only fitness programs have to offer

During your initial appointment with one of our Long Island Woman’s Boot camp
representatives we will discuss your goals and decide together what program works
best for you. Here at our gym we know that everyone is looking for a unique training
experience, so we design a specific program for each individual, whether your goals are
to achieve overall wellness, relieve stress, or if you are just looking for an alternative
from going to the gym to get in shape, we have what you are looking for!

Once we have established your MMA Fitness Bootcamp training goals a free one on
one introductory lesson will be given to you so you can see first-hand what type of
instruction and training is available for you at our Long Island Women’s MMA Fitness
Boot camp Center. This is also a great opportunity to make sure that Long Island
MMA is the right gym for you. The introductory lesson will involve training techniques
and movements that will help assimilate you into your first Women’s MMA Bootcamp
class, that way you start building a foundation right from the start. You will find that the
women’s cardio boot camp classes at Long Island MMA are often varied and broken
into different segments, helping to keep you on your toes and prevent boredom.

A free fitness evaluation and consultation will also be given to those taking the free
Woman’s MMA Fitness Bootcamp introductory lesson. This involves a personally
customized basic conditioning workout that helps our Martial Arts and Fitness
Consultants access what level of fitness you are at before you begin your formal boot
camp training at our Long Island fitness center. One month from the time of your initial
fitness evaluation you will go through the same workout to gauge your fitness progress
first hand, the results will AMAZE you! We are so confident in or programs that we
guarantee it. If you did not reach the goals set for you one month prior during the initial
fitness evaluation WE WILL PAY YOU $100!!!

Before you are done with your consultation you will also receive a FREE Long Island
Women’s MMA Bootcamp T-Shirt. It is just one of the ways we would like to thank you
for your interest in our girl’s only boot camp program at Long Island MMA.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your self-confidence and stay fit without doing the
same old gym routine, don’t hesitate and put it off another day. The time to start your
new passion for training is now. Give our Woman’s MMA Fitness Boot camp program
at Long Island MMA and Fitness Center a try today!
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The Best Cardio Kick Boxing?

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A recent study done by the CDC and reported by the New York Daily News showed a disturbing statistic that 1 in 5 women in the world have been a victim of rape. These are some of the disturbing statistics that were reported: 35.6% of women have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner, 24.3% of women have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner, 18.3% of American women have been raped in their lifetime, 51.1% of those rapes are by an intimate partner, 40.8% are by an acquaintance, 79.6% of rapes took place before women were 25, 42.2% of rapes took place before women were 18, 16.2% of women have been victimized by stalkers, 66.2% of stalkings were carried out by former partners. It’s an unfortunate reality in the world we live in, but Long Island MMA has been proactive in fighting the statistics by offering cardio kickboxing and self defense classes specifically for women.


Long Island MMA Self Defense class is geared toward applying martial arts techniques in real life situations and scenarios.  The techniques taught in this class are a mixture of traditional martial arts, with the end goal in mind to leave a potential lethal encounter safe and alive. The kickboxing cardio class is designed to get members in shape using a mix of conditioning, drills, kickboxing exercises, and plyometrics.  The instructors change and modify the class on a daily basis to ensure the workouts are non repetitive, challenging and fun. The end result is increased self esteem and awareness, and the confidence to know that you will have the necessary techniques to help increase your chances of coming out of a dangerous encounter successful and unscathed, and most importantly not becoming a victim or a statistic. If afforded the opportunity, why would you not want to learn how to defend yourself, all the while getting in the best shape of your life? If the above statistics arent alarming enough, or you don’t feel comfortable enough with self defense training, come down and speak to a Long Island MMA representative and they will explain the importance that this training will have on your life. You would be amazed to realize how any type of kickboxing training you have could scare off any potential predator, in making him realize that you are not the person to become his next victim. Gain confidence and improve your self esteem, cardio and overall health and fitness by choosing Long Island MMA as your exclusive training facility.


For more information, you can visit Long Island MMA’s website at: or call 631.592.8339.

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